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Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o Might Have Some Explaining to Do About His ‘Dead Girlfriend’

I’ve seen a few bold Heisman campaigns, but Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o may have just taken the cake. According to a report on Deadspin, the dead girlfriend story that gained national attention and helped push Te’o’s candidacy, was a complete hoax.

Deadspin investigated the background of the supposed girlfriend, Lennay Marie Kekua, and found that she never existed. She didn’t meet Te’o after a game at her supposed college, Stanford, and she didn’t have cancer that eventually took her life. She was the product of Twitter, apparently created and run by a friend of Te’o’s. Deadspin even tracked down the girl whose pictures were being used as Kekua’s, much to her surprise.

I suggest you go read the entire thing because it is absolutely riveting. The depth of the story, the other people who had to have known, and the length of the lie are all just incredible. And plenty of major news outlets took the story and ran and ran and ran with it as Notre Dame’s undefeated season, and Te’o’s Heisman chances, continued. It’s pretty sickening.

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Terrence Ross Continues to Amaze With Dunks Like This

Terrence Ross delivers an insane tip dunk
He Took Off From the Other Side!

The Toronto Raptors have found a little bit of a rhythm lately, the once 3-12 team is now 14-24, so they’ve made some progress. They also have electrifying rookie Terrence Ross, now making his third appearance on this here site thanks to his acrobatics.

This time, the University of Washington product took his act on the road, when the Raptors visited the Brooklyn Nets. Toronto lost, but check out Ross jumping from one side of the basket, floating under the rim, and dunking the missed shot with one hand. That’s just nasty.

Hopefully we’ll see Ross in the dunk contest at All-Star Weekend, and based on what we’ve seen so far, the league would be foolish to not have him there.

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If You’ve Been Looking for a Reason to Join Twitter, Here’s @KUBoobs to Help

Not everyone is fan of the University of Kansas, but who isn’t a fan of girls taking pics of their own cleavage? Just because they’re wearing Kansas shirts doesn’t mean you have to look away. These pics are from @KUBoobs, a Twitter feed that started around a year ago to show support for the Kansas basketball team.

Not sure how boob shots help a basketball team, but who cares? The handle has nearly over 19,000 followers now, and I’m guessing they’ll be adding a few more before the day is out. Of course this has spawned other fan bases to start their own boob twitter handles, so we’re all winners.

Rock chalk, indeed.

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The Clippers Get to 30 Wins in Just 39 Games in High Flying Fashion

DeAndre Jordan finishes off a lob
Lob City Rolls Through Houston

The Los Angeles Clippers just keep proving night in and night out that they’re legit. The last two games they’ve won with superstar point guard Chris Paul resting a sore knee. It hasn’t been a problem and the Clippers are just a half game behind Oklahoma City for the NBA’s best record.

The Clips rolled through Houston last night and got the highlights started early on in the first. Eric Bledsoe makes a steal in the backcourt, DeAndre Jordan quickly changes directions, and Bledsoe lobs it in the general vicinity of the rim where Jordan finishes it with ease.

The Clippers reached 30 wins the in just 39 games; the fastest in franchise history. And of course Blake Griffin added his own slick highlight. Listen to the astonished announcers on this one.

The NFL Gets the Bad Lip Reading Treatment

The folks at Bad Lip Reading take on the NFL
I Found Fido!

If you’re not familiar with Bad Lip Readings, do yourself a favor and get acquainted with them. They’re funny, well done and will have you trying to stifle your laughs if you’re at work. They’ve taken on the NFL in their latest video and it completely pulls back the curtain and shows you what’s really being said on the field and the sidelines.

Jim Harbaugh wanting cake, Tom Brady finding fido, and Matt Birk telling Andy Dalton he’d love to make him a mai-tai are all great, but it starts off just superb with Adrian Peterson.

Florida Lawyer Suing the Spurs Because Their Stars Didn’t Play Against the Heat

A lawyer in Florida has filed a suit alleging that the San Antonio Spurs broke state law when Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green weren’t uniform for a game against the Miami Heat last November.

Larry McGuinness says in his suit that the Spurs violated Florida’s deceptive and fair trade practices law. McGuinness filed the class action suit because he felt ripped off for the premium seats he bought. A lot of teams charge higher prices when elite teams come into town.

This whole thing is ridiculous. Professional athletes get scratched before games all the time and nobody who paid for a ticket is owed a thing. Sure the way this went down was pretty bad, I understand that. If you don’t recall, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich sent the four players home because it was the last game of a five day, four game roadie. The NBA was pissed and fined the team a quarter of a million bucks.

Now this lawyer guy wants to recoup what, a few hundred, maybe less? Or is it possible that this guy just wants to get his name out there? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening. I saw this story on and had to spout off about it. No doubt that other outlets will start picking up the story, and then this lawyer is suddenly quasi-famous.

I can’t imagine this case going forward, but I suppose the NBA’s fine could help this guy out if he gets in front of a judge. Either way, he can’t win because that would set a terrible precedent.

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Taj Gibson’s Monster Dunk Sent Announcer Stacey King Back to 2005

Stacy King freaks out and goes back in time after a posterization

The Chicago Bulls held the Atlanta Hawks to 58 points last night. Atlanta had 5 points in the second quarter and 20 at the half. They barely beat the all time record for first half futility, which is held by the Clippers when they had 19 to start a game back in 1999.

A game like that is boring. It’s boring for the players, the fans and the announcers. Maybe that’s why former Chicago player and current Chicago color guy Stacey King lost his shit the way he did after Taj Gibson one step dunked on Atlanta’s Anthony Tolliver. But it’s not just that King loses his mind, that’s what homer color guys do on local NBA broadcasts, but it’s stuff he says. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO POST VIDEOS TO FACEBOOK?’ Um, yes, a four year old can do that. ‘W W W MY FACE DOT COM!’ Who says the three Ws anymore? Oh Stacey King, stay wonderful, if not current.

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