Blue Crush The Second, Brings Out a Trio of Hotties

Well, it may not be Blue Crush the first, where I cemented my lust crush on Kate Bosworth in such a manner as to have me thrown out of the movie theater and asked not to return, but, Blue Crush 2, which you may or may not know existed, was released on video this week and all the hot new girls they got to replace any sort of plot in the second film, well, just surfer sexy enough that I just had to share. Sharni Vinson, Elizabeth Mathis, and Sasha Jackson, all made the sexy carpet run for the party celebrating the direct-to-video launch of the followup to the 2002 beachgirl classic. And, well, further investigation of this film is definitely going to be warranted. Enjoy.

Victoria Silvstedt Flashes Apples and Cans in Saint-Tropez

Victoria Silvstedt has one tough job. It seems to involve lunching and sunning on the Riviera about eleven months of the year courtesy of her delightfully wealthy man-friend. Granted, there are certainly some behind the scenes aspects to her work that we can only imagine (and I do imagine it), still, she carries on with perfect aplomb, constantly flashing her apples and cans in undersized bikini fashion, including her latest strut along the beach catwalk, bending forward to highlight her Swedish power haunches. It’s something to behold. Enjoy.

Erin Heatherton Victoria’s Secret Photoshoot Hot Even When Clothed

This is also the year we fell in lust with Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton, who stepped into some pretty big shoes (and small panties) with the departure of so many angels due to with-child matters. Not only has Erin Heatherton filled the role quite hotly, she has made a name for herself with her lithe sexy body and her trademark freckles. Freckles are hot again!

While new new photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret is rather tame on the skin charts, it is nothing but ogle-worthy on the chart of hotness. Enjoy.

Jessica Jane Clement Boobtastic Lingerie Pictures Certain to Drive British Tourism (VIDEO)

Luvs me some Jessica Jane Clement. There is something extra especially hot about this glamour model and TV personality that incudes lust even in a black and white video (that’s what they called color before they had color for you young whippersnappers). Featured in the August edition of Loaded, Jessica Jane proves once again why lingerie is one of the few acceptable forms of clothing for sexy celebrities, especially those with amazing funbags and ridiculously hard bodies and curves that seem to go on as far as the ocean waves. If this brunette doesn’t have you calling British Airways for a one-way ticket to the Old Country, then you are simply not ogling close enough. Enjoy.

Check Out Jessica Jane Clement Hotness in Black And White »

Beyonce Wears Sexy White Lingerie in Her New Video, “The Best Thing I Never Had”

I can think of many best things I’ve never had. One would be a nice clear shot of pop diva Beyonce fully and delightfully nekkid. However, in consolation, these stills from Beyonce’s music video feature the strong-bodied singer and dancer in a nice little bit of white lingerie which flatters her delicious curves. All women really should have curves; I think men’s eyes do not work well with straight lines. Enjoy.

Gaia Weiss Angelic and Cleavetastic at Parisian Fashion Show

One of my annual and forever unfulfilled goals is to attend the Paris Fashion show in July, not just because I believe that it’s time for gym shorts and Crocs to be taken seriously as workplace fashion, but because the entire City of Light is chock full of regional hotties pimping the wares of many a floppy-pawed seamster. Case in point, French actress and model, Gaia Weiss, who stole the hearts of many an ogler at the show merely by strutting the sidewalk in a virginal gown of cleavetastic distinction. This sexy up and coming Euro-celeb reminds us that bras are definitely overrated, and amazingly hot women with bare boobs are, by definition, highly underrated. Enjoy.