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Serving as the editor-in-chief of Egotastic! since his release behind a women's prison, Bill Swift has managed to overcome a lack of formal education, or professional skills of any kind, to build a small-sized big empire of online entertainment focused on all things men love -- hot women and a bunch of other guy things when taking momentary breaks from thinking about hot women.

Kelly Hall Has a Body to Die For, Or Live for If You Have a Chance

We're used to seeing British beauty Kelly Hall in less clothes, but I must say she works the lingerie two pieces like nobody's business in this killer spread in Zoo magazine. Sometimes, you do need to see a woman in skivvies before you can truly appreciate her nekkid craft. It's like watching the chef prepare the meal. Anticipations makes everything taste that much better.

Kelly Hall, you continue to amaze and astound and provide us with boobtastic hope. I don't care how people traditionally categories heroes and saints, you're definitely one of mine. Or can their mighty idols cause one million men to feel vital in the span of one second? I think not. Bless you, Kelly Hall.

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Minnie Driver Crackalacking Bikini Pictures from Miami

Not all bikini bottom dropping photos from Miami are entirely candidly staged. Take for instance Minnie Driver on a family vacation and nearly losing her bikini bottoms off her backside crackside coming in and out of the pool. Hey, these things happen. Though when my trunks fall down at hotel pools, suddenly kids are screaming and the cops have to get involved. With Minnie, just a pleasant peek for the ogling gentlemen within eyeshot of the 40-something still toned actress in her little mommy two-piece.

Sometimes we have the simply forces of gravity and friction and other things I didn't pay attention to during physics class in high school. But if I had, I could probably explain to you better why this morning we get to see Minnie driver's booty so moistly posed. Enjoy.

Lady Gaga Goes for Classic Rock and Roll Sextastic Posing in Porter

I'll say this for Lady Gaga, she works hard. She seems to be going for a million and one different looks at the exact same time, a chameleon who lets camera go with her everywhere basically, clothed or not. Her guise changes dramatically from moment to moment, which I imagine is not such a simple task. Probably why most of her team has quit over the past year, sick of keeping up with her rigorous schedule.

Lady Gaga put on an entirely new look for Porter magazine, reminiscent of some classical female rocker portrait sessions from years of past. She definitely has the dramatic posing down. As for the allure, I'll leave that for you to decide. Enjoy.

Constance Nunes Latina Hotness Pimping the Bottled Agua

If you're going to be doing a million and one photoshoots of hot women in Los Angeles to promote your hard to find water, you best be including some sultry Latina lovelies like Constance Nunes in her Daisy Dukes up against a classic Mustang. I like the woman, I like the car, I like the low slung short shorts on this alluring young lady. It really does have the all-over California feel, with the addition of the take no prisoners boots, it's all working.

I'm not exactly sure what the plan is of the bottled water folks now that they have 10,000 photos of crazy hot ladies pimping their H20 from over the past year. I guess they could include a magazine of these sextastic lovelies with every purchase. That ought to make the water more palatable. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Kristen Stewart See-Through, Daryl Hannah Topless, Marion Cotillard Nekkid, and Much Much More…


Can it really be Friday already? My first my favorite day of the week, not just because it constitutes the day fresh bagels arrive in the morning courtesy of The Man, though mostly that is why. Free is my very favorite flavor. In addition to complimentary snacks, each Friday we open up the perfume scented reader e-mail bag to see what goodies so many of you have contributed to the general feeling of erection, err, elation, among our brotherhood and Sapphic leaning sisterhood. I never cease to be amazed. Then again, I do have the mental faculties of a six year old.

This week's Reader Finds includes Kristen Stewart deliciously see-through top in a righteous Sasha Eisenman photoshoot (many thanks to EgoReader 'Blynn'), Holly Marie Combs flashing boobtastic on the silver screen (contributed honorably by 'Thomas'), Daryl Hannah pretty damn nekkid in her own screen turn (ah, Daryl, so hot back in the day recognized by 'Marty S.'), Samantha York quite nekkid in Purple magazine (York goodness via 'Ellen'), Marion Cotillard quite nekkid (delicious French dish by 'Ramon'), Rita Ora sideboob in the new edition of Elle magazine (spotted early on by 'Doug G.'), Juliette Binoche with even more Frenchy topless goodness (merci to our friend 'Annalise'), Rumer Willis see-through dress from behind showing behind (ethereal peeks provided by 'Devon'), more Franco-faptastic of Gabrielle Lazure quite nekkid in the cinema (ooh la la donated by 'Terry T.'), Blair Brown topless in the rather wackadoo Altered States (throwback funbags via 'Scott'), Emmanuelle Seigner topless in yet another Frenchy styled movie (Viva la Sextastic assist from 'Marcus'), Dita de Leon and Jessica Morris topless in a not so memorably onscreen role (boobtastic bottled at the source by 'Evan J.'), Alexandra Daddario quite nekkid though slightly obscured in the water in the new Vanity Fair (kudos to sweet sweet 'Caroline'), wicked hot Karolina Szymczak nekkid in the Bunny magazine (thank you kindly 'David M.'), Beatrice Bouchard, twin sister to tennis playing Genie Bouchard, looking all bikini dazzled (excellent uncovery by 'JT'), Jennifer Lawrence booty calls in new X-Men still (lovely little teaser from 'Colin'), and another Frnech dip at Marion Cotillard topless this time in A Private Affair (fine work by 'Ingrid'). It's a whole heap of hotness this week. Are you man enough to handle it? What does that even mean? I surely aim to find out. Enjoy.

Happy Early Birthday, Alessandra Ambrosio

When you're a celebrity, or at least, a wicked hot lingerie model, you get to celebrate your birthday over the course of many nights. There's no shortage of people who want to take you out for drinks and give you a birthday spanking.

Alessandra Ambrosio is turning 33, but not until tomorrow, which puts me on the first ever early side of a birthday wish. I'm typically two weeks late. The Victoria's Secret MILFtastic hottie went out to one of the hot clubs last night looking more sextastic than ever in a tight little black dress. As I've always believed, the truly good looking girls get even more alluring with age. Happy Birthday, blessedly hot creature from Brazil.

Lucy Collett Topless and Daringly Dark For Nuts


I know Lucy Collett isn't everybody's cup of tea, but she's the milk in my porridge, or something Britishy sounding like that, and I think someday I'd like her to be the woman I have a fling with while my wife is off visiting her sister because her cat died. Not that I've thought about this much. But Lucy does seem like the fun kind of romp weekend partner. Not that Lucy doesn't also deserve a great guy in a loving and emotionally connected stable and caring relationship. I just want that to be some other guy. As for me and Lucy, it's weekenders at the beach where we never quite get to the beach.

Featured in the new edition of Nuts magazine, Lucy shows me once again why a simple bit of lacy black and the fine art of the striptease down to your mighty impressive funbags, is all the foreplay this man needs. Ever. Period. Enjoy.