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Serving as the editor-in-chief of Egotastic! since his release behind a women's prison, Bill Swift has managed to overcome a lack of formal education, or professional skills of any kind, to build a small-sized big empire of online entertainment focused on all things men love -- hot women and a bunch of other guy things when taking momentary breaks from thinking about hot women.

Crista Cober Topless Vampy Hotness, It’s Overwrought, But Ever So Hot


I'm a guy who can get into costumes and cosplay and some dress up games with the lovely ladies of the fairer sex. I mean, I won't do much myself, but I'm happy to watch and direct and on occasion, drop down into a British headmaster accent when a good bottom thwacking is required on a naughty schoolgirl. Still, my favorite way to see tall, hot, sextastic models is as naturally uncovered and un-styled as possible. Alas, magazines mean for women do quite the opposite. There has to be scenes and themes and masks and iconographic symbols and a whole bunch of stuff men never think of in the instant it takes an retinal snap of an alluring woman and the fire ignited down below.

Amazingly sextastic model Crista Cober gets warm and topless in the new edition of Vamp magazine. Surely there is just too much stuff going on in this pictorial outside of highlighting Crista's outstanding female form. It's like drowning a fine steak in ketchup at the table. Rather uncouth, if not grounds for imprisonment. Nevertheless, I don't run this world. Not yet. So until I do, we'll still have to wade through some nonsense to get to our particular treasures. Enjoy.

Ashley Greene in Blessed Stretch Pants Spandex My Mind

We simply do not get to see Ashley Greene nearly enough. I could see her thrice a day and that would only be half as often as I'd like. The wildly alluring young sort of thespianic and her big hair and just right sized body all over made her way through the streets of West Hollywood in some booty hugging stretch pants and a little bit of cleave just to remind everybody what they're missing when she goes into hiding.

I can't keep up with her busy romantic life. All I know is it's definitely had a negative impact on our ogling lives. Whoever she's seeing now, I wish he'd let her out half-dressed more often like she used to be. Ashley and those curves of hers are something of a public treasure, like a park or a beautiful river. You can't just claim that for yourself and tell nobody else to look. I'm sure there's a 60's song about just such an injustice. Ashley, you're too sextastic to be indoors. Mmm, Greene booty. Enjoy.

Miranda Lambert Bikini Stripes A-Hoy Hottie in Honolulu

Miranda Lambert is looking good. I couldn't be happier if I lost the weight myself. And you couldn't be happier because why the hell do you care if I look good in a bikini in Hawaii. Miranda on the other hand, a nice country sextastic singer who is now down to beach exhibition weight and showing off every inch of her hard restraint.

I think Miranda herself was the first to admit she got a little too thick around the midsection there for a little while. It's surely nice to ogle her now that she's delighting in her own body as well. It's almost like we're on the same page, even though we're actually hiding in the bushes and making little guttural grunts. I'd like to think she has a little inner smile knowing the ogling gentlemen are once again sizing her up for the evening REM sleep feast. Enjoy.

Jessica Impiazzi Strips Topless in the Garden for a TOWIE Ta-Ta Tuesday


The last time we saw Jessica Impiazzi, she was privately sunbathing topless in Spain. I suppose the TOWIE starlet has more formalized her relationship with the flashing of her ridiculously hot funbags for she turns directly to an epically hot stripping down in the garden in this memorable outdoor photoshoot.

With all the hullabaloo surrounding sextastic celebrities taking hot nekkid photos of themselves and then sharing them with boyfriends and the iCloud trash bin only, it's nice to know this world is also filled with beautiful women who delight in sharing their fine female forms with the ogling gentlemen and Saophic leaning ladies of the world. Such a blessing not in disguise any day of the week. Enjoy.

Chelsea Heath Bikini Booty Sunshine Goodness

We kind of fell immediately into lust with young beach model Chelsea Heath when the vaguely creepy 138 Water company first hired her for a set of their promotional photos. Here in take two, I'm just about ready to shove my bobos into a tub of ice to try and thwart spontaneous combustion in the taintal region.

Chelsea Heath looks so damn good in a bikini. I want to build some kind of dome where it will be perpetually a warm day at the beach so Chelsea can never ever have to remove her little yellow bikinis. I mean, until aloe vera massage time in the evenings naturally. I pre-warm my hands because I care. Chelsea, let me help you heal your sun-baked skin. It's only $50 an hour. I mean, I pay that for the privilege to work. Enjoy.

Anais Zanotti Licks the Cream from the End of Summer’s Cone

Today it's official autumn. At least according to my Farmer's Almanac. Time to get the potatoes in the ground before first frost. Or, when it drops below 80 here in Los Angeles.

While summer speaks of hot girls and bikinis and tanlines and splishy-splashy wardrobe malfunctions, perhaps nothing better represents the sextastic summer than wicked good looking girl licking ice cream cones. Thanks to Anais Zanotti, summer is not going out quietly. The French model and stunt woman and all-around teasing woman with those come hither and snap my thong eyes surely knows how to make a dessert treat last in her mouth. That takes skill. And practice. And my dirty mind. You may substitute yours as you see fit. Happy Fall. Enjoy.

Photo credit: TheHeadhuntr on Instagram

Andrea Yurko Is a Tall Topless Drink of Water in Treats Magazine


If you happen to like your brunettes tall and sultry and topless, you're going to love this Alex Freund pictorial of Andrea Yurko for Treats magazine. The nearly six foot tall fashion model gets all kinds of boudoir alluring for the cameras in an exhibition of the svelte lithesome lady form. I was drooling just hearing about this shoot. Now I'm full on in need of an emergency medical technician to restart my junk.

Every time I stare into the eyes, and ridiculously hot body, of a female siren, I feel my soul getting a little happier. It's like a warming sensation that starts at the toes and goes all the way to the top with some memorable stops in between. Women like Andrea Yurko remind me that no matter how complicated life can get, or troublesome the world, pure blessed relief is ever only one evening of lingerie and dimmed lights away. Andrea, call me, let's warm each other's souls. Enjoy.