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Serving as the editor-in-chief of Egotastic! since his release behind a women's prison, Bill Swift has managed to overcome a lack of formal education, or professional skills of any kind, to build a small-sized big empire of online entertainment focused on all things men love -- hot women and a bunch of other guy things when taking momentary breaks from thinking about hot women.

Jennifer Lopez and Shailene Woodley Topless Goodness Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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While the pretty people are patting themselves and hanging out trophies to one another, Mr. Skin is ever scanning the world of film for the really pretty ladies not wearing clothes to give you a highlight of the best of the boobs on top this weekend in his Mr. Skin Minute Video.

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This week’s Mr. Skin Minute features Jennifer Lopez all hot and bothered in her new flick out in theaters, but nude recalled from Money Train now twenty years ago, Shailene Woodley crazy hot and topless in White Bird in a Blizzard now out on Blu-Ray, and Mélanie Thierry topless in Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem also out now on Blu-Ray. There’s some sights to see, oh yes, some special fun time sights. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mr Skin Minute

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Jaimie Alexander Knee High Boots and Hot Legs, Take Me Now, Jesus

Thor and Agents of SHIELD hottie Jaimie Alexander didn’t give us much, but when boots and legs are involved, I will grovel. Oh, how I will grovel.

The brunette hottie dazzled the libidinal senses with some knee high boots that had me thinking what it must be like to be her faithful man servant, tasked with cleaning her every intimate nook and cranny. Of her home I mean. And occasionally the mistress as needed or ordered. We really do need to see much more of Jaimie, and if one thousand candles I light nightly doesn’t do the trick, I suppose long range lenses might do the trick. Surely a woman of this faptastic stature must revel in checking herself out in the mirror routinely. The sextastic is a gift you don’t just store in the closet and take out when the giver makes a visit. Oh, no, you leer and preen and you touch. Especially if it’s all yours. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF

Hitome Tanaka, Phoenix Marie, Samantha Saint Lead the Lovely Cast of Adult Stars at Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas

If you happen to like porn stars, I mean, not in the midst of filming per se, then you should be in Las Vegas this week hanging out at the Adult Entertainment Expo where you can meet and greet and occasionally squeeze and tease your favorite adult film stars. By personal vow, I now consume zero hours of adult entertainment per month, plus or minus one thousand hours for rounding errors. But I’m told many people know these cinema stars rather well, even if they are wearing some clothes and standing upright.

Revel in your tour of the sweet boobtastic girls at the Adult Expo that bring so much happiness to so many people through their sweat and toil. Especially that sweat. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Lady Gaga Shows Off Her Ta-Ta’s Through See-Through Dress Top in the Big Apple

You know, people who describe a dress or outfit as not leaving much to the imagination always strike me as people with very poor imagination skills. Those very same dresses are precisely the kind of visual instrument I use to fuel my imagination. And then things get very adult rated very quickly so I shall pull back a bit. Regardless of how you feel about Lady Gaga personally, you have to admire her willingness to wear very little very often. Or in the case of last night, a very sheer dress without any undergarments. That’s a thing.

Lady Gaga stepped out in Manhattan in a little see-through blue number that the slightest of light caused to reveal her bare funbags beneath. Her bottom commando seemed a little less easily exhibited, but I’m certain a fog lamp of any strength would have showed us where Gaga babies come from. She’s certainly a risk taker. There’s something to be said for the bold women among us. Mostly just a polite thank you and a long lurid stare at their bodies. That’s the game. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Kayslee Collins Topless in Black and White and Perfect All Over

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I really have fallen pretty heels over head for Kayslee Collins. I know she’s a former Disney TV show girl and to pretend that doesn’t play a part in my new found lust well, as my shrink the eminent Dr. Frankel-Sheffenheizen often reminds me, some things are better left unsaid. So let’s just talk Kayslee Collins and her epic hot topless shoot in the boudoir for Erik Tranberg. You know black and white makes everything artistic. And this is precisely the kind of art I can get behind.

Now I’v heard from my sources that Kayslee is the Playmate of the Month for this coming month, so you can be sure we will be seeing even more of her very soon. Though I’m not sure at this point I’m prepared to share. I don’t consider myself a possessive man, but if you step between me and Kayslee’s nekkid body, I will be forced to taser you until you stop wiggling. Kayslee, let’s be together and do horrible things to one another. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Erik Tranberg

READER FINDS: Bo Derek Nekkid, Jennifer Lopez See-Through Boobtastic, Cara Delevingne Topless and Much Much More…

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Bountiful beauty pouring out from every possible crack and cranny in this week’s blessed Reader Finds. That one moment each week when we put down our differences and pick up our common desires for all things skin-filled and sextastic. Crazy hot women really are the universal language, one of the few we speak here fluently, and that includes my native tongue. The gifts you bestow on us weekly speak to your generosity. Your viewing habits speak to the lust in your hearts. It’s the perfect match.

This week’s Reader Finds includes a look back at Bar Refaeli breakout shots in SI (thank you kindly EgoReader ‘Eric’), thespianic Rebecca Ferguson regally topless (kindly contributed by ‘Stephen’), Annette Chavez flashing her brunette bare talents (lovely lovelies via ‘Deron D.’), prolific actress Astrid-Berges Frisbey showing off her sweet udders (skinematics provided by ‘Ian’), Bo Derek topless nekkid and super talented (that last part, not sure, but hot, yes, thanks ‘David R.’), Candice Swanepoel V.S. modeling like a pro (delivered by ‘Aaron’), Cara Delevingne topless in W Magazine (holy topless brows via ‘Yello’),Isaebel McNally in and out of the bathtub with Marisa Tomei (now that’s a thing, thanks to ‘Bev’), Jennifer Lopez in not one, but two classic see-through to the sweet funbag photoshoots (you’ve outdone yourself, ‘Decon’), Kate Moss quite topless and nekkid in Photo magazine (Kate Moss goodies dropped off by ‘Cory’), Katee Sackhoff topless in Riddick (just outstanding peeks from ‘Douglas’), and last, but not lease, Tawny Kitaen topless in one of her classic film roles (oh, Tawny feelings brought up by ‘Wendell’). It’s a bounty of boobtastic. Consume wisely. I recommend with a nice chianti. Enjoy.

Jessica Grace Smith Bikini Boobtastic Stylings on Set in Australia

Jessica Grace Smith is that Down Under hottie on Home and Away in Australia. Technically I think she’s a Kiwi born and bred, and I don’t want angry Southern Hemispherics coming after me for my poor understanding of world geography. Relatively speaking, it’s not even my weakest subject. In contrast, my strong suit is sextastic thespianics in bikinis filming on the beach and showing off their boobtastic bodily wares. You may also recognize Jessica from Spartacus, God of the Arena. Or just perhaps a figment of your most high minded imagination.

The Aussie soaps love to show their girls in bikinis and make beach scenes a routine part of their backdrops. Smart move and a big part of the reason their shows provide a wonderful minor league system for grown up Australian models and actresses. I predict wonderful things for Jessica Grace Smith’s future. Some people read the tea leaves, I read the ta-ta’s. I’d bet you my assessments are more accurate. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash