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Selena Gomez Bikini Splishy Splash Sextastic Girl Vacation Time Down Mexico Way

Oh, my belusted Selena Gomez. Now in her bikini body pink form down Mexico way. How do I lust thee? Let me caress all the ways.

The pop diva petite bit of sextastic took a vacation down south of the border with some of her girlfriends who all got into bikinis to giggle and splash and check out each other’s bodies as I’m pretty sure all girls do when they get together on bikini vacations. Just the ladies, maybe a little lesbionics, but mostly just a chance to show off Selena’s sweet soft body in a brightly tantalizing two piece. Selena has just a little chub on her fine female form. I know most of you understand that’s a compliment. It’s also kind of driving me to madness at the moment. Selena in a bikini! Happy days. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

READER FINDS: Charlotte McKinney Busty Yachts, Ashley Greene And Kate Hudson Pokies, Adrianne Palicki Topless, and Much Much More…

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My most blessed of Fridays. The final day of the not all that long of a week where we make solid excuses for outlandish behavior. I can’t think of a better process to celebrate. Such as we do here in the penthouse basement offices at Egotastic, each week opening up the cavernous reader email bag, throwing in the trained monkey, Mr. Four Loko, and waiting to see what treasures he returns with in his rabies frothing mouth. It’s a tradition like none other.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Charlotte McKinney boobtastic on a boat (thank you to EgoReader ‘Denny’), Adrianne Palicki topless for FHM (an oldie but such a double goodies via ‘Kent W.’), Ageyness Deyn toplees skinematics (little lovelies courtesy of ‘Rachel A.’), Anne Hathaway tighty whitey pokies for karaoke (spiked up by ‘Matt’), a busty candid of Ariel Winter in front of Mickey D’s Coachella (bosom bounced in by ‘James’), Ashley Greene cleavage and butt madness in The Apparition (whoa, hot body masterpieces, thanks ‘Owen’), Caitlin Folley topless in SxTape (lovely blonde udders from ‘Stephen T.’), Elsa Pataky sweet and lovely teats (oh, wow and thanks to ‘Benjie’), Emily Bergl of current Shameless fame topless in film back in the day (lovely lass peaches, via ‘Desmond’), indie queen Greta Gerwig flashing her Funions (lovely peeks delivered by ‘David’), hotness Hannah Kelsey topless in Supermodel mag (epic body shots submitted by ‘Danny C.’), Jennifer Lawrence nightgown cleavage in the recent Serena (this movie came and went, as would by my plan with Jennifer in person, kudos to ‘Juancy’), Kate Hudson and Ashley Greene double dipping pokies (skinematic nips sent over by ‘Arnoldo), Keira Knightley topless peaches (always a swell sight, via ‘Steve’), Kim Cattrall lovely udders throwback style (mmm, blondes have more funbags, thanks ‘Rippen’), Rebecca Hall topless in rare blessing (brunette goodness tossed into the ring by ‘Terry U.’), Rihanna peeks into top in her music video (promoted by ‘Apollon A.’), Ronda Rousey showy sexy (please, armbar me, via ‘Tony Tom’), and last, but not the bit least, the dedicated to onscreen naked Theresa Russell flashing bare yums and buns (submitted thoughtfully by ‘Les’). I kind of have to double dog dare you to check out this entire library of sextastic celebrity goodness. Become inspired. Enjoy.

Candice Swanepoel Bikini Photos Take Us to the Land of Hotness

Body by heaven. How else to explain the consistently stellar bikini pose downs from the body faptastic that is Candice Swanepoel. To call her perfect seems like an incredible understatement. She’s flawless. Even if you could find a flaw, that would only make her more perfect. Do you see how this seductive riddle never gets solved. Stop puzzling and take in the glory that is Candice Swanepoel in swimwear.

Featured in this delectable pimping spread for Paolo+Murray swimwear, Candice hits all her famous preens and poses, front and back, sides, prone, supine, booty, and just plain inspiring. I wish I could Walter Mitty myself into some of these photos and just experience the world of Candice in a bikini on a beach feeling sexy. I might start searching the far corners of the earth soon for just such a power. Mogwai. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Paola+Murray Swimwear

Kendall Jenner Squeezing, Teasing, and Nearly Baring Boobs for GQ BTS

Those photos of the delightfully tall and lean and alluring Kendall Jenner published in GQ may have been just a tad bit touched up for many of our tastes. I suppose that’s the pro forma version. Which is why I undoubtedly wait for the behind the scenes video shoots where you can’t quite airbrush a girl in real time while videotaping. Just makeup and favorable lights.

Kendall Jenner really is a fine bit of getting all grow’d up model goodness. She’s gotten right into the game and made herself very comfortable with all the trappings, including squeezing her own funbags for the modesty of semi-demure American media tastes. Not an ounce of nerves at all. Kendall is a complete natural at this craft, almost like she was born and raised for this precise purpose. And, oh, what a purpose. I’m lovestruck. That’s my new polite word for boner. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ

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Billie Jane Topless for the Love of Hot Canadian Brunettes Without Clothes But With Perfect Bodies

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Oh, how I get the letters from Canada. The proud Cannuckians who wish to see more of their fine female country ladies on this little site. You know I do my best to feature hotness from around the world, but could I actually be disrespecting my very own neighbor directly to the North? I shudder, that’s mostly just thinking about how cold it is in Canada. To warm us all up, how about a look at this stellar hot Chris Vongsawat shoot of Billie Jane, one fine looking specimen of Great White North goodness rolling about on a fancy couch quite unclothed.

Billie Jane’s bountiful body is quite ridiculously alluring, including that perfectly squeezable booty that is probably making even the couch a bit randy. If nobody’s used the pun yet, Billie Jane is my lover, I’m going to take it for myself. This Cannnuckian brunette is one outstanding bit of allure. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Chris Vongsawat

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Miranda Nicole Pokies and Bare Booty Behind the Scenes of Poolside Shoot

Yes, Miranda Nicole is damn glad to meet you. She certainly seems excited. The eyes are a tricky one to read, but the nipples, they never lie. MIranda’s were poking mightily through her sheer tiny tank top in this wanton photoshoot of the model and Playboy Cybergirl. Again, no need for tons of staging, just one racktastic girl preening and posing by somebody’s pool. On a warm day here in Hollywood like today, I kind of wish I had both of those things.

I give this particular bit of visuals four stars. I could go five it were scratch and sniff. Or maybe just scratch, though I do love the smell of SPF on a tautly toned female body. So many warm possibilities, so little time. Actually, I have lots of time too. I just need to organize. Step one, buy Miranda Nicole a touching card from Hallmark in the ‘Other Occasions’ category. I think there’s usually where they keep the desperately horny for you offerings. My, oh, my. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Rose And Rosie Sextastic Hotties at London in L.A. Event

Anytime there’s a celebration called London in L.A. my mind immediately races to British hotties in the area who might be attending. To be fair, Rose Byrne is an Aussie, but she and Britty hot hot Rosie Huntington-Whiteley certainly stole the show last night at the hands across the Atlantic event.

Rose Byrne opted for classy but see-through that allowed us a more intimate peek at her intimates, albeit entirely on purpose. While Rosie went for cleavetastic super model goodness. I could have been happy as either for my date to the shindig, you know, had I been invited and this been the first chilly day in Hades in some time. Rather, my lot is to stare and drool at girls with swell accents and even sweller bodies, all of us swelling respectfully to our own devices. Keep it classy, Billy. I need to repeat that to myself more often. Enjoy.

Photo CreditL INF/Splash