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We Shake Loose A Few More Reasons You Want Bioshock Infinite

It turns out we weren’t done. After offering you Seven Reasons Why You Want Bioshock Infinite just recently, a late night of hot chocolate and animal crackers induced a warm sugar stupor that opened our minds to even more reasons this game is so drool worthy. Sometimes it’s like that. Other times, we’re cuddled up around a bottle of Pepto after a late night wrestling with complications brought on by Buffalo meatballs and cabbage stew. That leads to drooling too.

Have a look at what recently became clear to us about Bioshock Infinite because this game is already knocking on the door of Best of 2013 and that damn thing isn’t even out yet. What we know so far is that good.

God of War: Ascension Shows Off Fighting Spider Women in New Trailer (VIDEO)

Who needs help here?

Pay close attention to the early parts of this so-called “launch” trailer for God of War: Ascension because it’s precisely how the game begins. Kratos chained up yet still going at it with a multi-armed nasty old woman is the first thing you’ll play. We’ve all had dreams where we’re all muscular and wake up chained down with a woman writhing around in front of us. I know I have. But this Kratos scene went and ruined that dream for me permanently because this chick is doing it all wrong. All the hissing, taunting and slicing with weapons is just too much. So this scene to kick off the game works on an emotional level because you’re ready to slit this spider-lady’s gullet and get on with an adventure. Plus she’s one of the Furies –the game’s main antagonists– so you will be seeing plenty of her and others just like her later on.

Check out the trailer because the other story elements revealed in the trailer are cool too but that Fury really chaps my hide.

The Top 7 Reasons Why You Want Bioshock Infinite

Although it’s set a few years after Bioshock Infinite, I still feel that watching Boardwalk Empire is going to get me in the right mood for the upcoming adventure-shooter. It will help to get in an “old-timey” mindset so you can better appreciate how F-ed up and truly lucky the United States was –as a culture and society– to make it through the 20th Century. Things didn’t start off so well in the early 1900s and Bioshock Infinite’s backdrop of 1912 America is going to illustrate that fact beautifully while you’re running around shooting bad guys and throwing fireballs. Read more… »

Injustice Gods Among Us Fight Tourney Continues. You Can’t Go Wrong with More Aquaman (VIDEO)

Fish King Ahoy!

We tried to tell you last time that Aquaman is a real hero. Maybe the realest of superheroes. Chris Rock tried to tell you too but you’re just not going to listen to any of us. Injustice Gods Among Us is fueling a pre-release hype-building “tournament” showing off full battle rounds between the game’s different characters so you can get a good look at the environments, animations and fighting styles. The most recent set of brawls involves Aquaman, Green Lantern, Solomon Grundy and Cyborg. Not in that order but who cares? Read more… »

Crysis 3 Looks Good for Many Many Reasons and Here Are Two Now (VIDEO)

Ashley Roberts as Crysis 3
This is in Crysis 3? No.

Ashley Logan is a semi-retired Pussycat Doll with a body that’s somehow hot enough to be covered in body paint, yet she’s still modest enough to allow part of that paint to land on the bra and panties she’s wearing. Crysis 3 is a splendid looking shooter from EA set in a dark vision of New York City where the Big Apple is covered by a dome and dangerous. What do these two things have to do with each other; this Ashley and Crysis 3? Read more… »

Tomb Raider Wraps Up Guide to Survival Series with Style (VIDEO)

All up in Yamatai

Lara Croft is looking very much like a tank-top-wearing Sam Fisher in this final installment of their “Guide to Survival” and that’s a very good thing in this Tomb Raider reboot. Getting the jump on enemies using superior weapons and gadgets is something you’re going to have to earn in the game, but when you do; lookout modern video game action heroes because Lara Croft comes off like she’s been watching Gina Carano movies or something.

The focus of this clip is what’s being dubbed “survival combat.” You would assume all combat is about survival but that’s where you’d be wrong. There’s special meaning in the Tomb Raider universe because Lara Croft is a survivor now, above all else. She’s not sexy, not attractive and certainly not your object of desire anymore. So if you’re feeling any of that leftover-from-the-90s emotion toward Lara, stop it. Now. She’s a fighting, shooting, cutting, hunting, surviving hero now and here’s the combat video to prove it. It’s not sexy at all.

Watch Dogs Barrels onto PlayStation 4 and Jacks Everything (VIDEO)

Connected stealth action might be a thing now

This is a game that gives answers like “sometimes you might have to jack a train.” The question that goes with that answer is up to you.

We haven’t seen Watch Dogs in awhile and as the game that blew minds worldwide back in the summer of 2013 when it debuted at E3, this Ubisoft franchise still has the power to drop jaws. As part of the PlayStation 2013 event revealing the PlayStation 4 (controller, that is), Watch Dogs is one of the leading candidates to have potentially stolen the show. We saw more real time gameplay and cool mobile phone hacking than ever before. The main character even jacks a speeding commuter train for his own purposes. With the exception of the scarf that he wears way too high on his face, this game is looking absolutely scintillating. Watch all of the videos and be amazed. Read more… »