Atlanta’s Jeff Teague Throws Down on OKC’s Kevin Durant, Hawks Go On to Win

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michael-garcia - November 6, 2012

Getting dunked on is a part of life for most NBA players. With so many athletic guys on the court, it's bound to happen. And when you are giving everything you have to try and get wins, that's going to include trying to block a dunk when it probably wasn't in your best interest.

Just like anyone can get their ankles broken, Kevin Durant showed last night that anyone can get crushed on. Durant is 6'9" with long arms, so it's not like he didn't have a shot at blocking Atlanta's Jeff Teague here, but Durant didn't have the angle and paid for it. No shame in it though, and it won't be the last time for KD. Atlanta pulled off the road win, 104-95 and Teague ended the night with 16 points.

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