Athletes Do the Dumbest Things: Aaron Berry of the Detroit Lions

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bill-swift - July 24, 2012

You have to love pro athletes. For some reason they seem to think that they are made of Kevlar, kryptonite, and adamantium (that stuff that Wolverine's skeleton is made of) all rolled into one. This perception of invincibility encourages them to do some incredibly stupid things.

Take the curious case of Aaron Berry, cornerback for the Detroit Lions.

The Detroit Lions are the new "It" team in the NFL. After being cellar dwellers for so long, they finally appear poised to make some real noise in the NFL. That is, if they can keep guys like Aaron Berry out of jail. Berry doesn't have the track record of some other guys in the NFL (i.e. Kenny Britt), but if he's not careful the path he's on is not a good one.

On Friday, Berry settled his outstanding DUI case by agreeing to enter a diversion program. Considering that he was charged with a DUI, hit two parked cars, and failed to stop and give information to either he was getting off pretty easy. After his antics Saturday night its safe to say that deal is out the window.

Apparently there were a few people that did or said something that Berry didn't like. Whatever it was made him feel the need to waive a gun in their direction. He was later arrested on three charges of simple assault.

Berry was already facing a suspension for the DUI, but with this arrest tacked on so soon after the DUI was settled, it would not be shocking for Goodell to throw the book at him. To make matters worse, he was projected to be a starter for the Lions this season.

Now, his future in Detroit has already been figured out. The Lions have decided that Berry is too much of a headache, and with their team on the upswing, they don't need this kind of nonsense. Berry is now a man without a team because the Lions let him go earlier today.

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