Assassin’s Creed III Crosses the Line with Abstergo Commercial (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 28, 2012

Okay, this trailer may not be with us for long, so watch and digest what you can. This is a clip for Assassin's Creed III delivered as a commercial for the Abstergo Corporation describing the multiplayer modes in the new game. Abstergo almost comes off as the video game publisher, as opposed to Ubisoft, trying to sell viewers or stockholders on the value of the new multiplayer modes Domination and Wolfpack.

The whole thing comes off as very "Total Recall/Verhoeven" and I like it. Keep your eyes open for any spoilers, tips or secrets too because Ubisoft is trying to disappear this thing. Somebody jacked this early today and now Ubi is attempting to reverse the process and "unjack" it.