Assassin’s Creed III Boston Attack (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - June 22, 2012

Assassin's Creed III will be a fantastic stealth-action game when it lands later this year and using Colonial North America as a setting looks like a gutsy move that's totally going to payoff. To help set that scene here's an extended video clip of our hero, Connor, operating in an historically accurate version of Boston. We're pretty sure this is a first for video games as we've run through games in accurate (and modern) versions of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco, Paris, Hong Kong and many others but never Boston.

If you want to see Boston in the late 1700s then have a look at the clip. If you know of a video game that featured Boston as a setting, hit us up in the comments section. And no the TD Garden in NBA 2K doesn't count.

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