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tyler-durden - March 17, 2017

Tyler: My name is Isabella and I am a 19-year-old model/actress living in Kansas City. I’m a huge celebrity and pop-culture junkie and every time I’m on blogs like this one I think to myself, what is the difference between the girls you write about and me?  Why couldn't I drop out of school, move to LA and be a model or star in a TV show.

1) Any advice on how to break into the entertainment industry?

2) If I move out there will you write a post about me?




Isabella: Let me tell you what happens when you drop out of school and to move to LA to become a "model/actress"...

Some pretend agent/producer/writer/director/nobody will find you on Model Mayhem or some sh*t and start to invite you to " networking events".  Once you go you will meet much older agents/producers/musicians/nobodies who will convince you that if you f*ck them they will get you a part in their next whatever they convince you they are working on.  This will go on for about 6 months until you finally realize you are not going to get a gig.  Ever. 

At this point, you are just about to be kicked out of whatever apartment you are renting or crashing at when you pull that porn producers card that you got at a party a few months back out of your handbag.  He promised you $1500 for 2 days work and you need money.  You will end up doing something like and something else with large black cocks in it and go home to cry and shower for 2 days. 

Then you will call your mom and tell her that you have a few big auditions coming up but you are super homesick and want to go back to Kansas City.  Then your parents will pay for you to get a plane ticket home, you will become a realtor and at 32-years-old marry some guy you knew from high school who you thought was a loser, but now you just want to have a kid with anyone who will tolerate you.  Most likely he will be an insurance salesman.  My advice, stay in school.  


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