Asia Argento Wants To Sue Rose McGowan

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elliot-wolf - September 19, 2018

Fun fact: Rose McGowan was raised in the Children of God cult. For those that don’t know, the Children of God, now known as the Family International, encourages copulating with kids, preferably with the ones that are related to you. Thus explaining a lot of her colorful hair behavior as of late. I’m not making an excuse for crazy, all I’m saying is that it gives a little bit of context to how off the handle she is about pretty much everything. But I think Rose has met her psychopathic match with Asia Argento. Both women aren’t backing down with their dedication to delusion, so Asia is waving a possible libel lawsuit in McGowan’s face like a Weinstein wiener. But we all know Rose doesn’t back down from those.

In mid-August, the New York Times reportedthat Italian actress and #MeToo advocate Asia Argento had reached a deal to pay a former co-star — Jimmy Bennett — who accused her of sexually assaulting him as a minor. Shortly after, Argento’s fellow-activist and Harvey Weinstein–accuser Rose McGowan released a statement addressing the report, in which she said that text messages purporting to contradict Argento’s denial of the allegation had been handed over to police by the person she was dating, Rain Dove.

Argento issued an initial threat: McGowan must “retract” her statement within 24 hours or face legal action. Now, on Tuesday, Argento tweeted that McGowan had missed the deadline, and that she has instructed a law firm to file a lawsuit against McGowan and Dove.

A house divided cannot stand. I think the time’s up for MeToo if the founders of the movement are fighting over who’s most worthy of public pity. Asia lost her victim card when she slid a 17-year-old inside of her and the embarrassment of a subsequent extortion attempt contributed to Anthony Bourdain’s death.

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