Ashley Tisdale Reminds Me Why I Luvs Me A Girl on a Bike

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bill-swift - August 17, 2011

I remember it like it was yesterday. Fourth grade and the unseemingly-hot-for-pre-adolescence, Lisa McInerny, rode her freshly painted pink bike to school. Her pig tails rode the wind of her 6 MPH wake like flaxen strands of heaven; it was pure tingly magic. So much so that mesmerized I could not get out of the way as Lisa rode right into my own shabby Huffy in a moving violation that would leave me with an emergency ice-pack tightly pressed against my unfortunately swollen family jewel pack for the next three hours. Oglers Karma is such a bitch.

Then, along comes Ashley Tisdale, the latest and greatest of the fetching young Hollywood actresses to ride her throw-back bicycle about the boulevards of Los Angeles, the urban center where you could search for weeks on end and never find a single bike rider, has suddenly become tres popular for the fresh sextastic to mount their two-wheeled mechanisms and push pedals down the traffic congested lanes. And I couldn't be happier. Ashley Tisdale has been looking downright amazing these past few months, hotter than usual, and to see her on her bike, well, it's bringing back some very happy-painful memories of Lisa. Enjoy.