Ashley Tisdale Lacy Bra Teasetastic

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earl-jonas - September 22, 2017

I like writing about Ashley Tisdale because the stakes seem very low. Half of you won't know who she is while the other half won't get in a huff if I don't represent her to your liking. Because no one really cares about her. The sassy starlet has managed to drum up over nine million Instagram followers, most of who probably best remember her as the Disney School of Sexiness alum from High School Musical.

These days Tisdale seems to be a professional Insta tease, which is a career I wish for all sextastic celebrities. In her latest pics, Tisdale shows off her tight body in a lacy bra and ugly pants while getting fun and flirty with the cameras. I'd go into more depth on Tisdale as a person, but my guess is that none of you care. Recently we saw her give maj side boob, and today she graces our computers in a bra. What else is there to know really?


Photo Credit: Instagram