Ashley Tisdale And Her Tight Little Body Go on Display Again

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bill-swift - April 19, 2012

I'm getting close to an 'anywhere anytime anything' rule as it relates to Ashley Tisdale. Oh, maybe there are classically prettier celebs out there, taller, more overt, but Ashley Tisdale continues to deliver hot petite body goodness day in and day out, like a star employee or most reliable escort on speed dial, she simply works it well and regular.

Little shorts, boobtastic shape exhibiting top, it's her regular duds and yet it speaks of approximately 43% of every hot summer girl fantasy floating around our libidos since about age 12 (age 11 if you count the Peruvian babysitter who liked to sunbathe commando on the porch). Ashley Tisdale, you deserve a medal, and I've got a couple ideas on precisely where to pin it on you. Enjoy.