Ashley Greene Red Hot Cleavage On ‘Late Night’

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bill-swift - April 11, 2016

Ashley Greene is one of those sextastic celebrities who makes me weak in the knees from the mere mention of her name. My mind races with all sorts of bottled up and not so longer bottled up fantastical dreams of myself and Ashley hunkered down in a mountain cabin, cut off from civilization thanks to that darned rocked slide and Yeti attacks and forced to spend months trapped in a single room with nothing but each other's bodies for both warmth and nourishment. They'd eventually find us somewhat worn for wear, straggly, exhausted, but with grand smiles. I might just be speaking for myself there.

Ashley Greene currently plugged into a recurring character on DirecTV's Rogue series was on Late Night with Seth Meyers pimping properly in a hot little red dress. The kind of dress you remember a girl in when years later you remember the first time you ever feasted peeps upon her and fell deep into lust. Ashley's healthy bosom was on sweet cleavetastic display in the low cut wardrobe, making any man wonder how Seth could keep asking his silly pre-produced questions with a straight face. I'd ask for an ice pack in the least. Maybe some saltpeter and an old Oui magazine and a commercial break. So damn hot, Ashley. Our cabin awaits! Enjoy

Photo Credit: NBC 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'