Ashley Greene In Teen Vogue, Far Too Clothed, Far Too Hot

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bill-swift - February 2, 2011

I've missed Ashley Greene like a dog misses his favorite bone buried in the yard. I can fondly recalling gnawing on her tender flesh, I know where I left her, and now I've got a nervous tick just thinking about her being stolen. Somewhere 'neath her service as celebrity beard for Joe Jonas, we lost Ashley Greene hotness for months on end. It seems so unfair. Like the world robbed of a masterwork of art, for some cynical purpose. I could care less about the personal proclivities of certain male actors and musicians, but when it starts translating into super hotties like Ashley Greene forced into full length frocks and uber-overcoats, well, now, that's an unseemly injustice. Why, even these G-rated fully clothed pictures of the minx from Teen Vogue look amazing to me now, such is the state of my Ashley Greene deprivation. Enjoy.