Ashley Greene Hotness Is Back on a Bike Filming ‘Americana’

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bill-swift - March 15, 2012

Ashley Greene is skinny again, not as skinny as when she was the pretend girlfriend of Kevin Jonas for some bit of time last year, but still, I'd sure like to deliver her a sandwich to the set of Americana, where the ever-hot Ashley Greene, who we worship as infants before a ripe breast (in fact, that's exactly how we worship her) was in a little skirt about to hop onto a bike to film her latest harrowing scene.

Oh, sure, we could stoop to the level of saying we're damn jealous of that bike seat, and, we are, but more importantly, we are cheering the return of Ashley Greene to the public eye, for whom 20 more lbs. would turn back into absolute perfection. Enjoy.