Ashley Greene Sexy, Yet Forced To Carry Her Own Luggage

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bill-swift - September 6, 2010

What is this new trend with hot celebrity women being forced to carry their own luggage through European airports? We saw it a couple weeks ago with the amazingly hot Kelly Brook in England, now the precocious sexlicious Ashley Green in Paris made to handle her own handles. I can assure you this would never happen in America, if only because I would be there in my pimp tuxedo, two hands free, begging to totes her bags, you know, if she doesn't call the cops after I politely ask, 'So, which of these bags might contain your underwear?'. I'm like that. Thorough. Especially for Ashley Greene, my not so secret Twilight crush, who just keeps getting hotter and hotter as the months past. Now, dammit, somebody in France please help this sexy lady with her luggage.

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