Ashley Graham Shows Off Her Shape In Black Bikini Photo Shoot

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elliot-wolf - March 16, 2018

There aren’t many other things I like to look at more than Ashley Graham in a bikini. The only thing that I can think of that would look better than Ashley Graham in a bikini is another woman also in a bikini, standing by her side, who looks identical to Ashely. The best lesson I’ve ever learned from a teacher was that two of something is typically better than having only one. I really hope she has a twin sister. But it's okay if she doesn't. Because the same teacher also said having one is always better than having none.

I could watch waves wash over Ashley all day and never lose an ounce of interest. Her face looks more intoxicating than the strongest moonshine. And I wouldn’t mind having a sip or two if it’ll make me see double of someone so pretty. Graham even looks great covered in sand. It’s almost like she’s a sweet cinnamon human streusel. Definitely delicious and a woman worth the crave. I already have pet names picked out for us when I see her. She’ll be my Graham cracker and I can be her marshmallow. We were made for each other.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA