Ashley Graham Curvy Lingerie

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bill-swift - April 12, 2016

Okay, this dance isn't for everyone, just the sexy people. Or, more specifically, the gentleman oglers who find themselves inexorably drawn to attractive women with some bit of squeezable body on their female frame. Ashley Graham has turned herself into a one-woman plus-sized passion inducing phenomenon in the past year or so, culminating in her selection for the SI Swimsuit edition.

Now you know it takes all kinds of sextastic to make the world spin round and round. The heart wants what the heart wants, or in the very least listens intently to what the bobos want downstairs. A certain percentage of the male of the species like their ladies large and lovely and can't imagine any other form of frolicking in the hayloft with a curvaceous pretty lady. For them this fine bit of gander at Ashley Graham in lingerie for Addition Elle will stoke many fires deep within. Burn baby burn. Ashley Graham is not short on baring skin. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Addition Elle