Ashley Benson Red Hot Short Dress and Matching Panties on Set of ‘Pixels’

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bill-swift - August 6, 2014

I'm pretty much down for any movie about classic video games. You throw in Ashley Benson doing something something in a little tiny costume with swords and I will probably be first line. I do so lust the underrated hotness that is Ashley Benson, the oft-forgotten hot Hollywood blonde.

Ashley was on the set of the new movie Pixels being I presume a good guy, err, good girl, defeating some evil video game sorcery while in a short little costume that showed off her sweet thighs and spankable bottom. I suppose that latter comment is more of a wish than a size or shape description, though make no mistake about it, it is being wished right this second. Oh, Ashley, slay me with your swords and choke me out with your strong legs. I will go out with a smile that even the mortician finds impossible to re-adjust. Enjoy.