Ashley Benson Chesty Peeks For California

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bill-swift - July 2, 2015

Find Your California is a photographic invention of Nico Guilis, a New Yorker who came to California and discovered that California beach and surfer girls make your stranger danger areas feel all warm and funny in a good way. So she started documenting au natural blonde beach girls in their organic teasing states of sextastic being. Including her latest work with Ashley Benson, the consummate Cali blonde postcard girl with the body to bring ten million more out-of-staters westward to find their libidinal manifest destinies.

If you're not picturing Ashley as your fun time beach apartment live-in girlfriend for the best summer of your life, you need to re-tinker your prurient thinking tool. That chest of hers could launch a thousand ships to sea, but you be sure to be the guy with a half decent excuse for staying shore bound with her, because even in California the nights can get chilly along the coast. Shawls are nice, but naked hugs remain the optimum form of heat transference. At least, that's my line and I'm sticking to it. Way to represent, Ashley. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Find Your California

Ashley Benson bikinis never quite fit right, thankfully!