Ashanti Accidentally Showed More Than Intended At Movie Premiere

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earl-jonas - April 17, 2019

Don't you hate when you're wearing a featherweight robe fastened only above the navel, and suddenly - after innocently lifting the robe up with your hands in an attempt to show off your strappy heels to the paps - your panties are visible to the world? This is the embarrassing predicament that sexy songstress-turned-actress Ashanti found herself in at the premiere of her movie Stuck. The thirty-eight-year-old showed up looking like a million bucks, and her robe thing gives us a great look at her smooth skin, hot natural rack, legs up to here, and of course, panties. Oops!

Stuck is a musical about a group of people "stuck" on a subway train in New York City. While at first their lives seem very different, through the power of song and dance, they are able to see eye to eye. And if they're lucky, Ashanti's underwear.

Photo Credit: MEGA

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