Ariel Winter’s Killer Workout

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aldo-vallon - October 12, 2017

 If Ariel Winter keeps slaying her body with this same amount of intensity then she is going to be giving Kate Upton a run for her money by this time next year. It really must take a lot of work to get that perfect equilibrium. If she puts too much work in then she might end up looking like one of those fitness models with a shredded body. It is not like we need another one of those, sigh. I swear, if I see another girl with washboard abs and a butt so tight that it would be fit to use as a table for a game of quarters I think I might vomit. How am I supposed to retain the dominant position in a relationship when my partner could kick my ass? I know this could be easily fixed by taking my own lazy butt to the gym for a good old fashioned haze fest, but that seems like it would require quite a bit of effort on my part. Is it really too unreasonable to ask for a woman that can retain the shape of an athlete while also having no athletic ability? It is for my own safety, I tend to have a smart mouth, so if a woman has the ability to shut me up it usually ends pretty poorly for my own well being. 



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