Ariel Winter Spreads ‘Em For Sexy Workout (VIDEO)

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earl-jonas - August 30, 2017

Working the with @mackfit

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In case you're new to the Internet, the first lesson is that Ariel Winter is the number one, penultimate melonlicious teen starlet out there, and I refuse to hear otherwise. Winter has amassed 3.6 million Instagram followers and counting with her breasty domination. Today, however, we're checking out another fine ASSet on the nineteen-year-old Modern Family actress, which can be seen doing its thing in a sextastic new workout video. 

Winter puts the blessed junk in her trunk at center stage here while spreading her gams to pimp out some LA gym or whatever called Mack Fit. Git that cash girl. There's something undeniably come hither about Winter's compromising workout positioning, and I can't help but feel this Mack guy knows exactly what he's doing. Suddenly I feel like joining a gym. And then sitting there with binoculars until I get arrested.

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