Ariel Winter Ridiculous Cleavage On The Red Carpet

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aldo-vallon - January 16, 2018

 Looking at Ariel Winter in a low cut dress like that makes me feel like a peeping Tom looking through the curtains at her cleavage. There is not much guilt involved seeing as how she is the one out in public, but I doubt a typical peeping Tom feels much guilt about what he does either. That would be like a dog feeling guilty about crapping in the yard. It just doesn't happen. Although there are those times when a dog looks back at you when it's taking a dump that it seems embarrassed, but I think that has more to do with it knowing that it is being watched. I would probably have a similar look on my face if someone caught me with my pants down in the bathroom. 

But as I said, Ariel does not seem to have even the look of an embarrassed dog on her face here. And that is fortunate because I cannot afford to have another mark on my record. When you're a kid the courts are fairly forgiving, but not so much when you are an adult gaping at a teenager. And that is a large part as to why the paparazzi are still in business, they do the gaping for us.



Photo Credit: Splash News

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