Ariel Winter Posting Workout Photos of Round Tops and Bottoms

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bill-swift - October 6, 2017

Ariel Winter has been busy showing off her body faptastic of late. The curvaceous Modern Family TV star and public displays of boobtastic sweetheart has been working out and sharing photos in overtime mode on social media, to assure you that her curves are man made. Or woman made, and man gazed you might say.

If only Ariel would focus solely on her splendid sized funbags and roundabout booty, rather than repeated photos of her boyfriend, we might be nearing perfection. Oh, young women and their need to snap their significant others as if that's as important to the world as it is to their own psyches. Short answer, Ariel: not even close.

Yet how could we ever find fault with a young racktastic starlet committed to sharing selfies of her stellar mams completely free of charge? In a more perfect world, she'd be awarded a Nobel Prize. In Sweet Teats. Naturally the ceremony would take place in my private abode. I'll wear a tux. Nobody else will be invited. Ariel, feel free to dress more casually. Wait until you see the prize necklace. Winter is coming and she has amazing teats! Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram, Snapchat