Ariel Winter Tubes and Panties

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Lex Jurgen - July 13, 2016

Remember when we all laughed when Ariel Winter staked the moral high-ground defending Kim Kardashian as a body-positive third wave feminist? The fourth wave has to be total whores. Winter's pity party Cosmo essays around having gargantuan teen breasts turned somewhat abruptly into showing off her mama heathens at every turn. Not many women enter the skin for attention media on the backend of a reduction. That's big time tit Machiavellian. 

Winter has 2 million Instagram followers. It'll be 5 million by Christmas. Guess who's getting booked for big pay days in 2017 despite her inordinate size. Restrictive chest wraps don't even register on the budget.Hypocrisy isn't just for the weak. Who's laughing now? 

Photo Credit: Splash

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