Ariel Winter is Coming in LaPalme Magazine

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brian-mcgee - October 17, 2017

Ariel Winter should get her breasts insured at Lloyds of London. Seriously, if Jennifer Lopez can insure her best asset—which in this case happens to be her actual ass—why shouldn't Ariel take steps toward making sure that the absolute best thing about her is well taken care of should anything, god forbid, happen to them.

Think about it. Ariel could find herself in any number of situations where her breasts are in danger. If she's at a condiment table at the stadium, someone could squirt copious amounts of mustard on her fun bags, and then where will we be? She could also be in danger, as all of us are, of a bird deucing in mid-flight and it landing right on her incredible breasts! Now what are we supposed to do?

I suggest you put aside all worries about these scenarios because Ariel Winter is nothing if not savvy. She's probably already taken out a multi-million dollar policy on those puppies. She'd be a fool not to, and since they're likely well taken care of, she's as care free as Kenny Loggins' main character in the song "I'm Alright" from the hit film Caddyshack

Photo Credit: LaPalme Magazine