Ariel Winter Jaw-Dropping Bikini Buntastic

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earl-jonas - August 1, 2017

To say that Ariel Winter is no stranger to bikinis is a vast understatement, as they're as much a part of her wardrobe as past-their-expiration-date underwear are to mine. Same. But different. The busty nineteen-year-old bombshell once again took to Instagram to show off her goods in a bikini so tight that a wardrobe malfunction seems inevitable. You'll find more fabric in your dryer's lint trap. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that this is how bikinis were meant to be worn.

Winter's new images come as a tryptic that unfolds in one Insta post with multiple slides under the caption "Before&After." First, we see her gal pal getting nice and close to her cheeks with a camera as Ariel lets her feet dangle in the pool. We then see the fruit (a peach) of her friend's photo sesh in two other steamy snaps. Is this the hottest that Winter has looked in a while, or am I just extra thirsty today?


Photo Credit: Instagram