Ariel Winter Bare Midriff Tattoos

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bill-swift - June 20, 2016

Okay, before anybody calls Barely Legal 911, be aware that the tattoos all over the curvaceous body of young Ariel Winter are props for a TV or film role she is currently working. She's becoming a bit of a bad girl, but nobody gets eleven tattoos in a week all over their body, unless they pass out in a Navy town after pissing off some vengeful sailors. What is real is Ariel's sweet hot bodacious eighteen year old body that even after reduction surgery is more than ample to fill my libido with 959 dreams of audacious sexual exploration.

Ariel has taken this past year of turning into an adult and an independent girl turned woman branching out socially and publicly and sextastically and simply owned the heck out of it. She wants to show off her body so badly now it almost matches our own fervor in wanting to leer at her full bodied goodness. When the two passion match, there will be some kind of hot fusion and everybody will end up naked in one giant hot tub with GoPros. I think that's how it goes down. I need to re-consult my psychic. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Dog Years