Arianny Celeste Continues to Drop Sextastic Blows in the Zoo

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bill-swift - January 20, 2012

Our friends at Zoo magazine seem to have a similarly strong desire for all things Arianny Celeste, the UFC ring girl who runs rings around our libido with her ridiculously hot body, and her desire to make everybody sweat til they drop. In their latest pictorial, Arianny once more dons the gloves and enters the Octagon to force all gentlemen oglers to tap out without the use of hands. It's quite the battle effect Arianny has on the male of the species (and you hot fighter chick loving women).

If only life was like the UFC and after every brutal three minutes at work, Arianny Celeste walked around half-nekkid holding up a round number. That would almost make me show up for work more often. Enjoy.