Arianny Celeste Cleavy Black Bikini Knock Out

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bill-swift - July 25, 2015

Our sweet and belusted UFC ring girl friend and hottie all-around 360 Arianny Celeste decided to treat the world to another round of her tingle inducing skills with this bikini spread in Uno magazine, showing off her ridiculously flawless body. If you can look into these photos and not feel desire in your heart, you're a better man than I, or worse, depending on who's judging.

Arianny was a true score for UFC when they selected her to prance about in those tight shorts and bikini tops and help us count sometimes all the way up to five. I'm not saying it's a pertinent job, but I am saying that Arianny doing anything in a bikini has to be labeled essential to the well-being of our nation, if not our nuts. Just being honest. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Uno Magazine