Ariana Grande’s Top Almost Falling Off Her Shoulders Walking Her Dogs

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aldo-vallon - September 25, 2018

I would not blame Ariana’s fiancé, Pete Davidson, for having some questions regarding her top. A woman of her size has no business owning a pullover that large, and Pete is not a large man himself, so where exactly did she get it? She is not poor enough anymore to go sifting through the bowling alleys lost and found for clothing, so the logical conclusion is that it belonged to another man.

Pete does not strike me as the jealous type, so he probably will not jump to the absurd conclusions that I would if I were in the same situation. That kind of self-restraint will also cause him to avoid making any drastic actions that would lead to the destruction of property and jail time, like I would if I were in the same situation. So I guess he can sit happy and enjoy the view while I get worked up on his behalf, connecting the dots that do not exist.

It is time for some answers, Ariana. Whose shirt is that? Whose dogs are those? Whose hair is that? And who are you actually named after?

She can’t run from these completely reasonable questions forever.


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Photo Credit: Instagram / Backgrid USA