Ariana Grande Wicked American Export for Swedish Idol

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bill-swift - October 21, 2014

In case you're not familiar, pretty much every craptastically popular reality show or game show has a version in pretty much every Western nation with a halfway decent TV market. Hence, Swedish Idol. Is it any better or worse than American Idol? Well, it would be a true challenge to be worse. And, when you invite Ariana Grande across the pond to special guest, it's probably a whole lot better.

Ariana Grande has somewhat perfected the leggy not much covered leotard performance look. Kind of like Miley, but less directly crotch raunchy and fluorescent. More like an old school torch singer if she could get away with wearing so few clothes on stage without being arrested. Whatever Ariana Grande does to keep that perfect little shape of hers, it's working. Maybe it's eating salted fish, which she's stocking up on while in Sweden. But I bet it's something more organic and yoga. All the kids are doing it. Ariana, in any language, you and your minxy female form float my Swedish gummies. Enjoy.