Ariana Grande Hates America (VIDEO)

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jhanson - July 9, 2015

Ariana Grande says she hates America. It could be easy to take her comments out of context: "I hate America, I hate Americans." Perhaps she's speaking of her friend down the street, America America. Their family is known for starting armed conflicts, as well as barbecues and fireworks.

Grande was at a donut shop with her super straight backup dancer boyfriend and the pair were daring each other to lick donuts when the staff wasn't looking because they're exceptionally uninteresting and trying to convince each other they're cool and fun. The staff didn't take kindly to this when they watched the security tape to try and find something to sell to TMZ. Then they hit the jackpot with the Bolshevik comments.

The comments were made in response to some extremely large donuts, meaning Grande hates America because it's becoming a stereotyped cartoon of itself. Shed a tear since it happened so close to Jesus' birthday. She is now being accused of fat shaming, because hating fat people and America are now considered the same thing by the United Nations. Old grizzled dudes with hair in their ears are allowed to say shit like that. Not retarded midget nymphs and their boy band reject boyfriends. You're a part of the problem. Things were going swimmingly before your generation of spastic bodied Nickelodeon stars started showing us their assholes and thinking they could sing. Love it or leave it. Preferably as soon as possible via inner tube or hotel room overdose. Let's punt this one over to Fox News. It's not your fault. We needed a reason to be done with you.

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