Ariana Grande Show Busty Bustier on SNL

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bill-swift - March 16, 2016

I don't want this week to pass without note to the lovely lass and minxy body of Ariana Grande who took both the hosting gig and musical talent spot this past weekend on SNL. It's quite a job to land both, and while Ariana isn't exactly well known perhaps among the SNL demographic as her music leans more toward teen pop, I do hope the audience at least appreciated her cleavy bustier look for the musical number.

Ariana Grande is in that difficult transition period of not a girl, not yet a woman. I feel like that could be a song. The petite kids TV star has the grown up body, and is just growing into the rest of the exhibition and awareness that comes with it. At some point she'll lose the cat ears and the cheerleader costumes (no!!!) and move on to more boudoir grown up sextastic shoots and appearances. I personally can't wait. But I'll have to. Imagination helps pass the time. Like me and Ariana and a last minute change to her cleavetastic wardrobe. I do buttons very well. Mostly on the unbuttoning side. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: "Saturday Night Live" NBC

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