Ariana Grande Cleavy Bra Top For New Music Video

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bill-swift - June 8, 2016

Not to be topped by Selena Gomez who I like to imagine she makes out with on the regular, Ariana Grande released her own new music video for the song Into You. Even though these girls don't write or produce their own music, I like to think the people who do are somehow imagining the performers really do feel this level of implied sexual lust in their own hearts whilst singing other people's songs. Not exactly Bob Dylan, but then Bob Dylan never looked killer in a bra top out on the desert.

In the craptastic Into You, Ariana takes us to places we've never gone with her before, not including her last eleven music videos naturally. She's flitting about in a revealing top, showing off her legs, and singing about longing somewhere out near the La Quinta in Indio. It's a gig that absolutely somebody must fill. Why not a minxy catty diva with the moves of an all grown up cheerleader. You can lead an ogling gentleman to water, but he'd still prefer to watch Ariana Grande half-dressed in the desert. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Ariana Grande "Into You"