Aquaman’s Atlantean Army Revealed in New ‘Justice League’ Promo (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - October 12, 2017


Yesterday, DC's Justice League film got a promo courtesy of corporate partner AT&T that took you behind the scenes, and today, another corporate partner has released a promo showing some never before seen characters from the film. Gillette has partnered with DC to produce these exclusive limited edition razors based on each Justice League character.

Of course, the really fascinating thing in this promo is a glimpse of one of Aquaman's warriors in the Atlantean army. We've only gone underwater twice in the entire promotional history of the film, and both times the shot in the promo has been of Aquaman himself. This time, we get to see one of his faceless minions facing off against... a representative of Gillette holding a razor. Hilarious!

While I'm sure we're not going to spend much time underwater in Justice League, this is at least a nice tease of what we'll see in the Aquaman movie next year. Gillette's limited edition Justice League razors are in stores now and the film hits theaters on November 17. Keep shaving!