‘Aquaman’ Reported Running Time Makes it Longer than ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Man of Steel’

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brian-mcgee - November 12, 2018

If DC's films suffer from one thing above anything else, it's their almost insufferable running times. From the early days of Christopher Nolan until now, DC has released only one film with a running time of two hours or less—Justice League. Aquaman looks to continue this trend, with a reported running time that matches Man of Steel's bloated running time and even exceeds Wonder Woman's excessive length.

A new distributor report shows a running time of 143 minutes for the film, though keep in mind, this can easily be doctored...

We don't need a nearly two and a half hour Aquaman movie. The problem here isn't just DC's track record—which we'll get to in a moment—but rather hiring James Wan to direct, since his movies nearly all run longer than two hours. Marvel routinely makes movies that run two hours, two fifteen at a stretch, and two thirty when it's a huge mashup movie with all the characters in it. This is two hours and twenty minutes of a dude bro talking to fish.

I mean, just look at the amount of time we've all spent watching DC movies over the last 13 years...

  • Batman Begins 140 minutes
  • Superman Returns 154 minutes
  • The Dark Knight 152 minutes
  • Watchmen 163 minutes
  • Green Lantern 114 minutes
  • The Dark Knight Rises 165 minutes
  • Man of Steel 143 minutes
  • Batman v Superman 151 minutes
  • Suicide Squad 123 minutes
  • Wonder Woman 140 minutes
  • Justice League 120 minutes

I'm not counting Jonah Hex because nobody saw Jonah Hex. If you did, add another 80 minutes to this misery. I'm not saying that long movies can't be good, I'm just saying that DC makes long movies, and they don't always make good movies. You draw your own conclusions.

All two hours and twenty three minutes of Aquaman swim into theaters on December 21.