April Love Geary, She’s Robin Thicke’s New Hot Young Girlfriend

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bill-swift - November 26, 2014

Some men face divorce with the Porsche. Some with the hot young model girlfriend. Robin Thicke chose both of the above. I'm not going to show you pictures of the Porsche. You can go to for those. But April Love Geary, his new nineteen year old model squeeze, well that's a different matter.

Now, I'm sure they are very much in love and kindred spirits and romantic lovers who knew each other in previous lives and all that nonsense. But all I see is me being kind of jealous of a 37 year old pop star with a 19 year old sextastic part time working model. Not that I would ever want to date a woman that much younger than me because it shows a sign of immaturity and inability to handle true equals in a mate, but on a slow Saturday night leading into to a Sunday morning, oh, yeah, Daddy wants. Enjoy.