April Love Geary Buns in Thong Bikini Show Off

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bill-swift - April 18, 2017

It's hard to know the precise motive, but you have to assume Robin Thicke doesn't mind when his young model girlfriend shows off to the world the various Caribbean bikini vacations she takes by way of hot photos on social media. Especially those buns of April Love Geary, and her naturally tanning, if not burning ability due to the sun's attraction to her body. Don't blame the sun. We're all feeling it.

April is one of those women who was meant for show. She knows it, your eyes and other bodily organs knows it, and the camera knows it. These kinds of shots put the social in social media. The damn in Instagram. The something in Twitter. I ran out. April, that thong may be the death of many of us, but at least we'll go out with a big arse smile. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: @aprilovee / Instagram