Apparently Wolverine Turned Down James Bond and Other Actors Who’ve Walked Away from Blockbuster Roles

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bill-swift - February 21, 2013

While out promoting his role in Les Miz leading up to this Sunday's Oscars, or maybe it was promoting the fact that everyone on the planet likes him, Hugh Jackman opened up about turning down the role of James Bond 007 when producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson were looking to erase Die Another Day from the minds of the public with a new, badder, bigger, Bourner Bond and offered it to the Wolverine-star.

Jackman told the Hollywood Reporter that at the time,'I thought it would box me in too much,' Jackman said. 'My natural instinct is to keep as many doors open as possible.' Jackman is probably one of the few people who can turn down an iconic role like that and live to tell the tale. Despite the fact that it was sh*ttier than a statue under a bird's nest in a public park, X-Men Origins: Wolverine garnered itself a sequel coming out later this year, The Wolverine, with early buzz looking much more positive than its predecessor. And Jackman is also confirmed to reprise the role in the time-travel themed X-Men Days of Future Past. So he's doing alright.

Hey, you never know how a movie will turn out. A movie is only as good as the sum of its parts and it may only work and be successful because a particular actor is in a particular role. Swap that out and the whole thing may crumble. Which is why we took a look at ten films and the actors that walked away from the famous roles in them. It's weird to imagine how things might have been.

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