Apparently Tickling Fetish Videos Are A Thing

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michael-garcia - July 8, 2016

I have a theory that before the advent of the internet there were only a handful of fetishes. Foot, leather, BDSM, and a few more were the extent of the perverted universe. But the invention of the internet and the access that kinky fools now have to each other has led to a near infinite amount of weird stuff people can do to each other. Case in point, tickling fetish videos. New Zealand filmmaker David Farrier made a film that premiered at Sundance called Tickled in which he chronicles the dark and wacky world of competitive tickling videos. The ones he examined were made by Jane O'Brien Media. No one is naked in these vids nor do they have sex. They just tie each other down and tickle the hell out of each other. These particular videos feature only young men. 

Look, I guess in the grand scheme of things tickling fetishes aren't that big of a deal. At least no one is getting hurt and it is consensual, if strange. I just don't get it. I don't consider myself too vanilla in the bedroom but the idea of someone tickling me does not make me want to get all sexytime. People are weird. 

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