Apparently ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Is Just Like ‘Groundhog Day,’ But with Tom Cruise Instead of Bill Murray

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bill-swift - December 12, 2013

I'm a bit of a sucker for movies about human beings fighting off alien invasions. I paid $11.50 to see Battle: Los Angeles, and despite the fact that it quite obviously sucked, I still kind of liked it.

My point? It's not hard to get me excited about an alien invasion movie. And that's precisely how I know the trailer for the new Tom Cruise flick Edge of Tomorrow kind of failed—I'm not excited about it.

It's not bad, mind you. I'm interested. How could I not be? It's basically a combination Groundhog Day and Source Code—some guy living the same day over and over until he figures out what he's supposed to do. And the day he has to live over and over is the day he died in some sort of attack by space aliens.

But here's the thing: if you didn't know about the alien part from the synopses and press releases available online, you'd have a hard time gleaning it from the trailer. Is the earth being invaded? Is it already occupied? Is Tom Cruise the alien? We just don't know. All we know based on the trailer is there is some pleading, some explaining, some shooting, some sort of training, Emily Blunt (who has never looked better), and a dystopian electronic score that sounds like something Kanye West will probably sample on his next album.

But okay, fine, I still give it a B+.

Edge of Tomorrow hits theaters June 6, 2014.

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