Apparently Channing Tatum Wants to Do a ‘Ghostbusters’ Spinoff with Christ Pratt

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bill-swift - December 16, 2014

That's right, you heard me. According to emails hacked out of the Sony Pictures mainframe (or, more likely, a Sony exec's iPh—er, Xperia Z3), Channing Tatum really wants to star in a Ghostbusters spinoff with Chris Pratt.

On August 21, Tatum himself sent an email to Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal telling her just how rad said project would be:

Let us show the world The DarkSide and let us fight it with all the glory and epicness of a HUGE BATMAN BEGINS MOVIE. I know we can make this a huge franchise. Fun adventure craziness. COME OONNNN!!!

And Sony took this email very seriously. The very next day, Columbia Pictures (which is owned by Sony) co-president of production Hannah Minghella sent an email to her fellow honchos shedding more light on the proposal. In it she explains that Joel and Anthony Russo of Captain America: The Winter Soldier fame are involved, and she sounds very intrigued, to say the least,:

So… in a curious turn of events – the Russos and Channing want to develop Ghostbusters as a vehicle for Channing and Chris Pratt to do together…The Russos, Channing and Reid have been brainstorming ideas and want to create a whole new mythology that would support multiple movies (the way that Nolan reinvented Batman). To be clear – the Russos want to produce (not direct) and while Channing and Chris are looking for a movie to do together they haven't mentioned this to him yet because they weren't sure how we'd react.

Surprise, Chris Pratt!

So what about the previously announced Paul Feig-directed all-female Ghostbusters reboot? Don't worry. That's still on. If Sony does go ahead with this Russo/Channing/Pratt project, it would be a spinoff of the Feig movie, which would apparently serve as the foundation of a new, "simultaneously super scary while also super funny...Ghostbusters universe."

That's right. Ghostbustsers universe. Ugh.

[Via Screen Rant]