Anyglove Lets You Text and Make Calls Without Freezing Your Fingers Off

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bill-swift - December 23, 2012

How many times have you missed a call or failed to reply to a message, simply because you weren't willing to risk freezing your fingers off for it? Most people use smartphones with touchscreens nowadays. If it's not exclusively just a touchscreen, then a hybrid one with a physical keyboard. But the fact of the matter is, there's still the touchscreen.

Like most people, I am unwilling to take my gloves off and compromise my extremities just to get a call or answer a text. So I keep my gloves on and keep on missing these calls. If you did the same, then it's time to stop because a viable solution is here: Anyglove.

It's like a magic finger in a bottle. (That sounds wrong in so many ways, but moving on...) It's basically a solution you're supposed to dab onto one of the fingers on your glove. Give it a bit of time to try and give your screen a quick swipe. You'll be surprised to see that your phone's responsive again--to your finger in a glove, no less.

Try It Out: $14.95

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