Anybody Else Loving Taylor Swift’s New Boobs?

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bill-swift - January 15, 2013

Look, we're all for giving the ladies a little privacy. They need it more than men. We let the girlfriend use the bathroom last. Ten minutes or ten hours waiting, we know better than to knock. We hardly ever peek under dressing room doors in women's changing rooms. And any time a girl starts discussing 'female issues', we go to a happy place just to give her extra privacy, even when she doesn't necessarily want it.

But somebody's got to say something about the newly remodeled chest on Taylor Swift. Now, granted ,we cant' say with 100% certainty that Dr. 90210 has been plying his trade on the little Mt. Swifts, but we can say there is a rather recent development in the enlarged bosom, and the exhibition thereof, by the country pop superstar. Not that we're complaining...