Anthony Stewart Head as Doctor Who?

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bill-swift - August 25, 2005

This may be spoilery, but I don't really consider casting a lead to be a spoiler so here's what you would otherwise have to highlight at Comic Book Resources:

Word reached me of an FX team working on test footage of... Morphing an image of the head of the late Antony Ainley (who played The Master in Doctor Who during the nineteen eighties) into the head of... well. Antony Stewart. Head, against a cricketing background. Does this mean that a) it's a stunt, b) they're ignoring Eric Robert's portrayal of The Master in the Paul McGann TV movie or c) Antony Stewart Head will play The Master in the second series of the new Doctor Who?

I think Anthony Stewart Head would make a great Doctor Who?, from what I remember of the show, at least. Maybe now I'll actually be inclined to watch it.

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